FLU … again.

I slept for 18 hours yesterday.
Not sure that’s my record, but that’s quite a nap. 

When I woke up my bedding was soaked from sweat.
That used to mean my Flu was breaking. But I’m not so sure this time.
It’s been 4 days.
Rose caught it first. Coughing and vomiting. 
I’ve coughed so much my ribs and back are aching. 
Fever, headaches – it’s got it all.
At least it didn’t reach pneumonia.
That’s when you know you’re really in trouble.
I hope to go back to work tomorrow. 


Author: jcalberta

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8 thoughts on “FLU … again.”

    1. hi Quinn. Thank you. I am better. Stopped coughing. Rose is still coughing. Over 2 for her. I’m recovering from the Flu Meds now. Most of them are depressants which creates another problem. O Well … guess that’s part of Winter here.

  1. OK. Sorry. I didn’t mean to put you off. Yeah, ‘The Kid’ definitely had some of that. Presented from the his viewpoint. Sounds like a theme that’s been used a few times. True Grit might have some ideas for you? She’s not really a wayward waif though. Please let me think on this a bit and look at some things and get back to you.

  2. Hi,
    I hope you’re over the ‘flu!
    Assuming you are then I’m looking for some advice. I’m planning an article on ‘The Waif’ in Westerns (literature and film) . For example ‘The Kid’ in ‘Blood Meridian’. At present I only a have a few ideas and sources. If you have any suggestions I can follow up then it would be much appreciated.

    1. Howdy Bill,
      I am very flattered by your offer that I might give you some advice on such. Let me just say that I am far from being an expert on Western Lore or Western Writing. There are definitely such people around though who might offer you far better counsel than I. Just check my Blogroll and you will see several experts and Western Writers among them. Apart from that there is a long list of Western Writers and Authors you might well call upon who are eminently qualified to give you first hand help. You will not see me on that list (LoL). I am merely a fan of Western Film and pretend no authority. I could string you along for the sake of my vanity, but that would a disservice to you. Therefore I won’t waste your time when there are many others you could call upon of greater merit. Thank you.

      1. Thanks for considering the idea. I wasn’t chasing a ‘scholarly’ response, simply any book/film titles which might have rung a bell. For example I watched ‘The Kid’ earlier this year; another reworking of the Billy the Kid story but this time was saw a waif who had attached himself to The Kid, another waif of course.

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