Jasper Journey – ICEFIELDS – Saddle Up

24 Sep

when i grow up / first aid kit

The Columbia Icefield

So … when you get to the Icefield you’ll see this place: 

Except it was rainy. Drizzly rain. 
The Centre is full of people from every place on the planet. 
It has a restaurant/cafeteria; a gift shop; a viewing deck; historical displays; toilets … lots of stuff.
This is also where you buy tickets for the Icefield Tour. They cost over 100 bucks each.
Then you head out back …

… and jump on one of these things. 
They’re called buses.

This is Shawn … or Shane?. Our driver.
You can see the drizzly rain. 

Below; MAP: Where we’re going ...

On the bus … 

10 minute bus ride?
Ice Explorer Depot ahead.

We made it.

The Ice Explorer. 
Not your average bus.


Let’s ride !

Next … To the Ice!

2 Responses to “Jasper Journey – ICEFIELDS – Saddle Up”

  1. maui1 September 24, 2019 at 9:47 pm #

    This a great post on your trip to Jasper. These are really great pictures of the ice explore buses. I also really like the picture of the mountain and the discovery center from the bus.


    • jcalberta September 25, 2019 at 1:03 am #

      Pics are from Rose, her son Ray and his wife Sarah and myself. Had a lot to chose from.


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