Mangled Monikers …

Memory is the second thing to go.
– anon

My work buddy Jon and I quiz each other on music from a Golden Era of pop music that started in the mid 60’s and carried through to the 80’s – where it seemed to dwindle into the oblivion we have today.  

So last week I quizzed him on who did California Sun (1964)?
My (shameful) recollection was that it was by Wayne Fontana and the Fireballs.  

We mumbled and argued about it a bit – then finally looked it up on Google.
Wellllllll … the most famous version (of many) of
California Sun was by The Rivieras.
(*Slap*ping my head! How could I forget that!?)
But I did. 

Surf was Up …  in 64′.
Still a Classic.

45’s. Remember those?
I had a pile.
Bet this would be a Hit if it came out today.

OK … so who was Wayne Fontana then? and the Fireballs?

Wayne Fontana was actually an English rock and pop singer,
best known for the 1965 hit “Game of Love” with a group called The Mindbenders.

Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders

A good song, but definitely NOT Surf Music.
(Bent my mind anyway.)
Notice that this was put out by an outfit called Fontana Records?!

So what about those Fireballs?
The Fireballs – sometimes called Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs
were an American rock and roll group, popular at the end of the 50’s and early 60’s. 

who had a Hit song called Bottle of Wine (1967) (written by Tom Paxton).

 Bonus Memory

 Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs weren’t ‘One Hit Wonders’.
They’d had a few Hits plus a previous
sweet little song called Sugar Shack

Not that we’re keeping score, but Due to my Mangled Monikers
I figure I lost about 20 Trivia points to Jon.

I plan to do better …
while I still have a little memory left. 



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