Goin’ to the Stampede ! Part 2 of 3

The Blue Canadian Rockies / Valdy


Early days North West Mounted Police outpost 

My roots are deep in Calgary
My Dad was born here and I was told 
that my great grandfather was a member of the 
North West Mounted Police

North-West Mounted Police of Canada, 1887 (colour litho), Remington, Frederic (1861-1909)

Jeremiah “Jerry” Potts (1840 – July 14, 1896), (also known as Ky-yo-kosi, meaning “Bear Child”),
was an American – Canadian plainsman, buffalo hunter, horse trader, interpreter, and scout of Kainai (Blood) and Scots heritage.

Potts is just one of many early Canadian Explorers and Frontiersmen.
Canadians know disgustingly little of their own History or of such people.
We don’t celebrate them. We never developed a film industry like the US
that tells of them in any way. Their exploits were easily equal,
but they are almost completely unknown. Because of this I would guess
that the average Canadian knows more about US History than Canadian History.

Don’t know who these cowboys are? but it looks like 
they got a bag of pancake mix and 4 beers for posing.

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3 thoughts on “Goin’ to the Stampede ! Part 2 of 3”

  1. Don Ostertag commented on Goin’ to the Stampede ! Part 2 of 3

    It is such a shame the history of Canada remains an unknown. Such a rich culture. My roots on my mother’s side date back to the French immigration to Quebec in the early 1700’s. They were fishing off the Grand Banks in the 1600’s. They worked their way into Minnesota via the fur trade. So that makes me a ‘closest Canadian’…Hey.

    My Response:

    Eh! Bonjour mon ami!
    Several of the early explorers ventured into US territories and opened things up there. No borders or Country’s in those days, of course.
    If I ever became Prime Minister I’d establish a Film Industry here (there is SUPPOSED to be one) – or at least fund creative people – to cover some of this stuff.
    Oh well …

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