YUCATAN … Day 3: Shopping Excursion

a time for us / Bárbara Padilla

On the third day it rained.
(But If you’re visiting a jungle rainforest – by the ocean – you might expect some rain)

Frankly, it was a welcome break from the heat.

Unless you have to work in it.

Art shot. 

When it rains people evaporate.

Waiting for our ride.

We made it.
You won’t see the REAL Mexico on these Excursions.

(But you might not want to.)
Like the Resort, they are a safe, sanitized, controlled environments.
You won’t get shot, mugged or molested. Or likely food poisoning.
I’m not really pooping on Mexico though because there are areas in many
Canadian and American cities where it’s not safe to go either.
Nuff said.


The effects of excessive tequila.

Mezcal – with a scorpion.

All kinds of stuff. A lot of the merchandise wasn’t bad. 
We just couldn’t afford to buy much and get it back here. 

They got Chocolate.




Hindu Goddess? Stuff that seems to belong somewhere else.
Like India.

Cigars. Big Cigars.



Then it started raining like hell again.

My camera has an App called Chick Magnet.

More later … 

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2 thoughts on “YUCATAN … Day 3: Shopping Excursion”

  1. Yeah, the all-inclusive resorts are all over the Caribbean and Mexico — you know that. I’m glad you are enjoying yourself. I got a kick out of the Day of the Dead Marilyn Monroe.
    Tropical rainforests love to dump water in April. It made for an interesting day for you, yes?

    1. We got soaked. But it wasn’t cold. We got caught because we had to get back to our van before it left. We had some fun in it all though.

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