YUCATAN … Day 2: To the Beach!

YUCATAN … Day 2: To the Beach!

I Can See Clearly Now / Jimmy Cliff

Day 2 Morning:
We found the ocean.

Drowning will probably ruin your whole holiday.
Surf Conditions: 
(Posted in 4 languages Spanish, English, German and French)
Green is Good; Yellow is Caution; Red is Do Not Swim; and Black is Dangerous Conditions.
Today was condition Red: ‘Do Not Swim.’
Not many people were paying attention.
For us, just walking on the beach was fine for today.
We’ve got a week.

Red Flag. Take warning.

Lifeguards on Duty.

Lots of room. 

Lots of sand.

And a few rocks.

The lure of the ocean.

Those Saskatchewan guys just can’t leave their work at home. 

Coming: more amazin’ stuff


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5 thoughts on “YUCATAN … Day 2: To the Beach!”

  1. This is another great post on your trip to the Yucatan. These are great pictures and videos of the beach. The weather looks great.

  2. Fab shots! I like that shade of green. I am happy for you two. My favorite shot is the one with the weathered posts and birds sitting. You framed them perfectly.

    1. Thank you. What you can’t see is that we took about 20 of those posts. I still wasn’t satisfied. In all we took over 1400 pics during the week. Good thing it wasn’t film eh?

      1. At least you can delete what you don’t want. Remember when you submitted a roll of film for developing and were lucky to get 3 good shots out of a roll?

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