Christmas Favorites 6 : Sleigh Ride

Giddy up, Giddy up, Let’s go !
Just look at that snow!

Dedicated to Marilyn and Garry over at Serendipity blog.
is a big Roy and Dale fan and this version
of Sleigh Ride is special. It has a bonus song: Jingle Bells
plus Roy does some yodelling! Alright!

Ella! Very nice!


Jack knows how to do it 

This is sweet : 

Okay, I’m getting the spirit now !

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Favorites 6 : Sleigh Ride”

    1. Wow ! How kind! A fitting gift for the Season.
      I do enjoy it all. It is a Spiritual thing for me – about Love. What could be Spiritual than that? Thank You!

    1. I admire that talent myself. Seems almost a lost Art today? Roy was pretty good at it to be sure.
      And it’s my pleasure. Hope you guys have a great Season.

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