Day Trip to Elbow Falls … Part 1

God’s careless beauty is thrown o’er the moments
Like the golden coins of my fancy.
– Coins of Gold / Paul Twitchell

On the way … the Rockies ahead

The whole Elbow River basin had been devastated by flood in 2013 
which had ravaged the area destroying Park facilities and terrain. 

A rugged escarpment.

The Elbow Falls itself is not running high at this time of year. 
During Spring runoff it has twice the water flow and very spectacular. 

On a beautiful Summer day this is a favoured spot for Lovers to Propose,
for Picnicking, Wedding shots, Hikers, and young folks who 
dare to jump into the pool. 

continued … 

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2 thoughts on “Day Trip to Elbow Falls … Part 1”

  1. Really stunning pictures! We lost the dock at River Bend and if it doesn’t stop raining, we’re going to flood big time. We have had 18″ of rain this fall … in other words, since Sept. 21st — NINE of them in November. And there’s more on the way. One of these days … like next week maybe … it won’t be rain. It’ll be snow. So far, so good.

    1. Crazy. We had a huge snow dump early that caused big problems. But since then it’s been really good. Warm and mostly dry. I don’t think (for us) it’s going to be like last year, but I can see on the News that you guys are getting hammered out East. Blizzard conditions in a lot of places. Not good. Not envied.

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