Day Trip to Elbow Falls … Part 1

25 Nov

God’s careless beauty is thrown o’er the moments
Like the golden coins of my fancy.
– Coins of Gold / Paul Twitchell

On the way … the Rockies ahead

The whole Elbow River basin had been devastated by flood in 2013 
which had ravaged the area destroying Park facilities and terrain. 

A rugged escarpment.

The Elbow Falls itself is not running high at this time of year. 
During Spring runoff it has twice the water flow and very spectacular. 

On a beautiful Summer day this is a favoured spot for Lovers to Propose,
for Picnicking, Wedding shots, Hikers, and young folks who 
dare to jump into the pool. 

continued … 

2 Responses to “Day Trip to Elbow Falls … Part 1”

  1. Marilyn Armstrong November 27, 2018 at 9:30 pm #

    Really stunning pictures! We lost the dock at River Bend and if it doesn’t stop raining, we’re going to flood big time. We have had 18″ of rain this fall … in other words, since Sept. 21st — NINE of them in November. And there’s more on the way. One of these days … like next week maybe … it won’t be rain. It’ll be snow. So far, so good.


    • jcalberta November 28, 2018 at 9:24 am #

      Crazy. We had a huge snow dump early that caused big problems. But since then it’s been really good. Warm and mostly dry. I don’t think (for us) it’s going to be like last year, but I can see on the News that you guys are getting hammered out East. Blizzard conditions in a lot of places. Not good. Not envied.


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