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  1. I wanted to watch Dare Devil, but Garry has overdosed on superheroes. I’ve overdosed on Outlander (I read too many books), and Game of Thrones was too dark. I read the first book. I have the next two, but I really but it wasn’t for me. We watched one show and Garry thought it was too dark for him, too. Life is pretty dark. We’ve been going towards shows which make us laugh or at least smile.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Dare Devil: we don’t watch most of the Superhero stuff, but we like the Actor Charlie Cox in this one. It’s well done overall.
      Outlander: Rose got me watching this. It is good.
      Game of Thrones: O ya it’s dark in places for sure, but the overall production qualities are on a level with anything. Superb. Martin is probably no Tolkien, and I couldn’t read the books though I bought them. I have read LOTR Trilogy. But his characters and story telling is superb also. And despite the dragons and other mythical elements there is real feeling of the Medieval era in this production. The casting is inspired and most of the major players are Stars now. It is worthy of the many awards it has won.
      Star Trek continues to amaze me. I always fear that each new production (Generation?) will fall and fail. They never do. This has some amazing new elements.
      The Last Kingdom: just a great show. Great Star Power and casting.
      We’re going to have some fun watching all this.
      There have been several other shows that I wanted to watch, but Rose won’t. Orphan Black, Viking, The Expanse.and a couple of others. I have to make some concessions.

  2. Oh, thanks for the head’s up for The Last Kingdom season 3!!!!!!

    1. jcalberta says:

      Love that show!

      1. Me, too. I hope it never ends.
        Did you like “The Vikings” on the History channel? Another wonderful, long series you would love.

  3. jcalberta says:

    You know Cindy, I like Vikings a lot. But Rose won’t watch it. Too bloody for her. I guess I can understand that.
    She also stopped watching Orphan Black and The Expanse. Mr Robot.
    The other Series I listed she watches with me. Though she can have a tough time with Game of Thrones.
    So … unless I want to watch these show by myself I have to abandon them.
    Oh well …

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