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I had a very nice chat with Paul. I took a pic, but it came out lousy. The lighting, my camera and photo skills were not up the job.
So I’m taken the liberty of borrowing images 
from the net of some of Paul’s work that he exhibited there.
Thank You Paul. 

Paul, Van Ginkel, Aquatic Equine, 36″ x 80″, Oil at McLarry Fine Art
I really liked this painting.

(Below) Crossing the Line 40 x 60 • Oil
Paul has several superb paintings with a Stagecoach theme.

Reflection of Love 50 x 40 • Oil

To be a Warrior 50 X 37 (plus frame) oil & gold leaf on canvas

Calgary artist’s painting replicated on champion Gary Gorst’s chuckwagon

Great work Paul. I’ve gotta get down to your gallery in Calgary.
Thank You again!

2 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede – Western Showcase 2018 / Paul Van Ginkel / Artist

  1. He’s talented! I love the “Crossing the Line”. A fine tribute, JC.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Well I can imagine you’ve seen a few paintings by the great Masters where you are right now. But some of this work is really good.

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