Tyrone Power Westerns continued … The Mark of Zorro (1940) Part 2 The Posters

The Mask of Zorro Soundtrack

The Mark of Zorro (1940)

The Posters

Since it seems The Mark of Zorro (1940) didn’t have any Trailers/Previews (??)
I searched the net like Sherlock – scouring fansites and archives. Finding none.
t looks like they exclusively used Posters instead? *shrug*
And I found over 30 different posters for the Movie!

Yet some were in such bad shape that they escaped any expertise I might possess to recover them. 

I spent 3 days trying to restore all these old posters to their original pristine wonderfulness.
Color was the main issue. Over the years the Posters fade and the former vibrancy of the colors is lost.
Would you make a Zorro poster in dirty, washed-out, dull Reds, for instance?
Nor I! The former Zing and Zest of Zorro had been lost in time …
and befell to me for restore the lost Lustre and Vitality of The Fox!

En Garde !!!


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2 thoughts on “Tyrone Power Westerns continued … The Mark of Zorro (1940) Part 2 The Posters”

  1. I know Tyrone was a great Zorro, but the SCRIPT for the Banderos movies was so much better! If they’d given Tyrone a better script, I’m pretty sure he could have done a equally great job.

    1. In it’s day if was great. I watched again recently and found it very enjoyable. So … not bad at all. There’s some inspired stuff going on with the Banderos remake. They really did their homework and there’s several nods to the original and other Zorro movies. Most people wouldn’t notice them, but when I look at the older movies I can see it right away. Nicely done.

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