The Horror ! … The Horror !

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OK .. I’ve been trying to fix up my Blog for several days. Sorry about all the Posts you’ve likely been receiving. But things aren’t fixed yet. It’s a big mess actually. A work in progress.

All I wanted to do was enlarge the images on the Blog. That’s all.

I thought that would be better if they were a bit bigger. “Enlarged”.

How hard could that be?

But since I’m almost Technically Illiterate … I kept putting it off.

Eventually …

First I sent a letter to WordPress. “How do I enlarge my images on My Favorite Westerns?”

Response: ‘Please send us more information and an image of your page. Use Snipping Tool to get the image.”

What?! Really!!?? They have my Blog Name and Address. I am their customer. All they have to do is go to the page and LOOK!!!???

(Maybe they don’t know how?)

I decided not to bother with them anymore.

A friend suggested I simply try out different blog Themes until is discover one that works – displays larger images. Good idea says I. Sounded simple enough.

So … I tried a couple … and a couple more … and a few more. And more. Lots. Several. Some of the Themes seem to be corrupted? Or is it just me? The text was all screwed up. Some of my Pages disappeared! The Titles and Text were often wrong. Some overlapped my Banner and Images! … etc. All this went on for a long time. Hours.

Finally found one Theme that seemed to work. ?? But there’s some stuff that isn’t right. The Tags and Categories are in the wrong place. I went to use my usual Page/Post Editor to see if I could fix things. I discovered it was now replaced with the NEW Editor … which I don’t find to be as good – or friendly – as the old one.

ON I trudge.

My blog is still messed up and it will likely take me a few days to figure out how to get things right. Be patient with me. At this point I don’t know if the current Theme will work out.

But the Images are certainly Enlarged now …


Author: jcalberta

Howdy! I love Westerns. ... and the intent of is to celebrate Western Movies/Film - old and new. This site will eventually show my top 30 favorite Westerns - or more. I will have original graphic work with regular updates. All this - and more ... Yee Haw ... !! - jcablerta / Moderator / Administrator

5 thoughts on “The Horror ! … The Horror !”

  1. If you weren’t so far away, I’d come by and sort you out.

    If you have done a lot of customization on your current site, it won’t fit as neatly into the new one. But you may not NEED every single item you’ve got. You will absolutely need a new header and to deal with that, I’ve gotten VERY simple about doing headers, especially since the contents are so full of photographs.

    This looks like a pretty good template. How big ARE your pictures? What size do you make them ready for posting?

    1. This is my fault. My lack of savvy about Tech and maintaining my Blog. Your suggestion was perfectly sensible and I will need to do that at some point. The Theme that I use is called Bueno and it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s outdated. It takes particular expertise to make adjustments vis CSS. Most peopel aren’t capable of that. I’m certainly not. Wouldn’t even attempt it. ANYWAY, I finally got hold of a WordPress agent and he affected some remedies. So I will carry on. And you can see that the photo images are now enlarged. Which is all I wanted.
      Onward …
      I usually make my images 300 res jpegs. Only occasionally going higher if the image is poor. I know that it high.

      1. I use either 300 or 180, but I make them small. No side larger than 960 pixels. That makes the show large (and at reasonably good quality) on screen without busting your storage budget.

      2. They don’t make it easy to delete stuff, either. If I could just delete a couple of years from the beginning … but I’m not going up. I simply can’t afford it.

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