A Fair Hanging / Six New Westerns

Tom Dooley / David Summerford

A Fair Hanging. 

Every year a fistful of new Westerns try to sneak past me. Some succeed. Some are so bad they outta gallop past me at high speed. Yet there’s others that don’t get a fair hanging. And to Western Fans – like me – I figure they’re worth a watch.

The problem is not that we aren’t in the Golden Age of Westerns anymore – there’s still plenty of talent and good tales to be told. And will be. It’s other things. Mainly Money. Even though Westerns are usually fairly inexpensive to make (as Movie go) they still need to bring in some decent loot. It’s business. Art – as I’ve said – is not at the top of the list. Also, most movies these days are pre-screened (likely to audiences that are not Western fans) And if they figure the movie is not going to make good money (even if a good Movie/Western) they won’t distribute it to the theatres. It will then likely go directly to Video/DVD – or some other place like Netflix (if we’re lucky). But in a lot of instances they can become almost invisible right away – hard to find – and hard to get – even if you do know about them. Whether they deserve such treatment or not (in some instances they do). But in other instances we might well be missing a decent Western that you could rightly enjoy. Because like you, I often don’t agree with the Critics – or the general masses.

Six New Westerns 

Which brings to what I’ve been leading up to: Six new Westerns that I’ve discovered which are upcoming or relatively new – that you probably don’t know about. So I’m gonna preview each one individually in next few days.

Here they are: 

Yep you’re reading it right:
Starring Joaquin Phoenix and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Should be interesting.

This looks pretty good.

We’ll have to see …

Of the Horror Western genre.
Not my thing, but doesn’t appear to take itself too seriously.

Looks offbeat … might be good?

An Australian Western. Looks possible.

Alright ! We’re gonna check these out. 

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7 thoughts on “A Fair Hanging / Six New Westerns”

      1. Where there’s a will there’s a way…I’ve managed to track down some pretty obscure (or hard to get) DVDs before…but thumbs crossed I’ll find them…

      2. I used to find pretty well everything on Torrents. But that’s being progressively shut down. So now you might have to buy them. And it’s a risk to put out some money on something you haven’t seen. Ebay, Kajiji. or Amazon. sell some second hand stuff. It’s a shame really that we can’t always see them otherwise.

      3. Yep. I also find that many of the more obscure movies are only available in obscure DVD format 😉 I’ll see what I can find…I’m happy for any new western that comes my way. Have a wonderful week further.

  1. I’m amazed you even find these. Sometimes. late at night, Garry spots them on some channel somewhere — but we don’t have the big movie package anymore, either, so if it doesnt’ go to Acorn or Netflix, we don’t see it at all.

    1. I like to think I keep my ear to the ground, but I still find some Westerns that came out 2 or 3 years ago that I didn’t know about. It’s kind of aggravating. If they don’t make a pile of loot I guess they figure nobody wants to see them?

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