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Howdy Folks,

I just got an email from brother Doug. He says he can’t access my site – or post a comment. I’ve never encountered this before and I wonder if anybody has any insight into why this might be? Is it something to do with WordPress? of what? I am not blocking anyone – to my knowledge?

He wanted to tell me about a post video on Belle Starr, the famous bandit who evidently had relations with both  Jesse James and Cole Younger – among others. I couldn’t play the video he sent be because it’s in a rather obscure format called M4a. However, I looked on YouTube and found this video on Belle. It might well be the one he was trying to send me?? It is pretty interesting and informative if you’re up to watching it – about 19 minutes long.

Meanwhile I gotta figure out why anyone can’t access my site?? Mystery to me.


7 thoughts on “Another mystery ?

  1. GP Cox says:

    Blog glitches happen all the time. Your best bet is to contact WP Support, they should be able to figure it out. If your brother can’t access the site, how does he know if he can comment or not? He may have to sign in again?

    1. jcalberta says:

      Thanks GP. I do monitor comments – like a lot of blog owners. But It doesn’t make sense to me.?? Yeah guess I’ll have to talk to WP as you say.

  2. Well I can see your site. I hope your brother can “see”” you soon.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Yeah, it’s a puzzle? I know he uses a Mac computer. Sometimes that doesn’t jive with PC.

  3. You look normal to me. let me do ONE more check. It does look like WordPress is blocking you the way they blocked me and many other people. Your don’t come up in their search engine. What I got for your URL — which you OWN — is:

    No Results
    No posts found for for your language.
    Back to FollowingExplore Discover

  4. But because we follow each other, I still have you. But no one will find you unless they fix the problem. You’ll have to get in touch with them. i keep trying to tell people, but they don’t listen. they think it’s all someone else’s problem.

    1. jcalberta says:

      I didn’t know such a thing could happen. Thank You very kindly. That needs to be fixed for sure.

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