Looking for some help …

Hi Folks …

I’ve run into a problem:
Suddenly I can’t upload any images. 

I get this:
“File could not be uploaded because errors occurred while uploading.”

I can’t do anything except enter TEXT. 

Everything was working fine until yesterday.
I could uploading several images at once up until then. And they all went in pretty quickly. 

I’ve sent a HELP request to WordPress, but I don’t know how long it will take to get a reply – or if they will be able to help?

So … if you have any notion what the problem might be? I’d appreciate it. 

Thank You. 


Author: jcalberta

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13 thoughts on “Looking for some help …”

    1. Sort of frustrating for me GP because I worked for about a week straight. Now I get a couple of days off and I can’t do much. Guess I’ll do something useful. LoL!

  1. I can only tell you that everyone is having problems. The Happiness Engineers are at it again. I think hardly anyone can even find me. I’m not on the reader and I can’t properly CLOSE comments so I keep getting the same comment repeating until I close out of the site then come back in. It’s a MESS right now. You can complain. We can ALL complain. But complaining has never much helped me in the past … so … I don’t know what to say except I share your pain.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I do know that WordPress occasionally ‘improves’ things. Then they don’t seem to work properly for a while. Might have to wait this out.

    1. This reminds of where my computer starts acting up. Then I try all my virus scans. Defrag. Change settings. This can go on for quite a while and sometimes I really screw things up.
      Then I find out it was the Net Service.

  2. I had the same problem on Friday with 1 of 4 images I was trying to upload. I left that one image and tried again a little later with just one image and it worked fine. I first thought it was a size issue but the image was actually really small. Sorry I can’t help…

    1. Yeah .. I’m doing exactly what I’ve been doing all along. Just doesn’t work? I had renewed my WordPress recently. Wonder if they’ve changed my settings or something? Thank you.

      1. Hmmmm…not sure it is from your side…there seem to be so many changes in WordPress recently that I’m sure it is a but somewhere. A few weeks back I couldn’t drag pictures onto that Add Media window – I had to browse for the pictures. Now dragging works again.

      2. Naturally some of the videos and such that I’ve had links to fall down in time. Usually I don’t even know about this till much later – then I try to mend them. Some things have disappeared from my image files. But that could be my fault? Right now everything seems to have returned to normal so I believe it was indeed a WordPress issue. ??

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