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me & my uncle / michael j. thoma

Rawhide / 1951

International Posters are often interesting
… and amusing.

Spanish Poster:

Spanish interpretation: The Mail of Hell

Croatian (?) poster: 

Croatian interpretation: Postal Station/Post Office

French posters:

French translation: The Attack of the Mail-Coach

I had to laugh at this poster below – it’s hilarious!

Look what they did to poor Tyrone Power!
A peeping Tyrone!

German poster: 

German translation: Two in the Trap

Evidently the word Rawhide doesn’t translate well to other languages.

2 thoughts on “Henry Hathaway Director of Westerns / RAWHIDE (1951) Part 2

  1. Don Ostertag says:

    Love the various titles. And I also got a good laugh out of Peeping Tyrone.

  2. jcalberta says:

    I always find it fun to see how the International folks change things.

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