The Return of Billy the Kid … Part 2

– knopfler

Here’s the second amazing photo of Billy the Kid – with Pat Garrett no less – that was recently discovered.
Most experts believe it to be authentic.

These are truly amazing discoveries beyond the wildest dreams of Western fans and aficionados.

Front row Left to Right: Pat Garret, Barney Mason, Dirty Dave Rudabaugh
Back Row Left to Right: Unknown man, Billy the Kid

The rosy cheeks was a common affection made to tintype photos.

Above: my attempt to clean up the image: 

Above: converted to grey scale.

Next: A 3rd recent photo. 

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12 thoughts on “The Return of Billy the Kid … Part 2”

  1. Very unlikely the photo shows either Billy the Kid or Pat Garrett. There’s no provenance and the “facial recognition expert” who made the ID is the same man who falsely identified Amelia Earhart and her navigator in a quickly debunked photo.

      1. For the record, Pat Garrett’s grandson (who died this past year) didn’t believe it was his grandfather in the photo.

  2. Very unlikely the images shows Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. No provenance and the “expert” who made the identification is the same man who falsely identified Amelia Earhart and her navigator in a quickly debunked photo.

      1. To me the evidence stats and ends with location, which in my opinion, they completely missed on. Forget the lack of records of the alleged building being there in the kids time; in my opinion this simply doesn’t look like the same location:

        After that, with Kent Gibson’s facial recognition being totally unreliable, I’m not sure what’s left that does anything except prove the photo was taking in the correct time period. Am I missing something?

      2. You’re never going to convince me that not The Kid. Stop wasting your breathe. I’ve weighed enough – evidence including what I can plainly see – his height; those ears that stick out; the hat … it’s him. It’s very strange to me that there are people that NEED to disqualify these images no matter what. And yes. I do believe they identified the location. It’s fine with me if you can’t handle it, but I can.

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