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Rose got this notion to do a Day Trip to Aspen Crossing, about an hours drive south of Calgary.

There’s lots of things to do at Aspen Crossing, but we were only interested in going for a bite at the John Diefenbaker Dining Car.

Lotsa room to park.

I parked just across the road.

Gift Shop and Garden Centre

The Diefenbaker Dining Car

All Aboard !! Katie and Rose


We go for the breakfast buffet.

Very nice. Even BBQ Beef Ribs. 

Coulda had a Diefenburger though.
Next time … 

 Never saw a rooster … 
but spotted an Indian.

Not a real train.

Not real Gnomes.

 In the Gift Shop I seek out Pappy – my Consultant.
Pappy gives Free Advice – for a dollar.
I pay up.
Pappy says:
“Hard work will pay off eventually.
But goofing off works immediately.”
Thanks Pappy.

Just then the Train rolls in …

Looks pretty good. 

Meanwhile … 

… Rose is driving another car into the ground.

Homeward …


2 thoughts on “Day Trip to Aspen Crossing …

  1. maui1 says:

    What an amazing place Aspen crossing is and the weather looks beautiful. I really like all the great pictures on this post . I will be updating my blog page very soon.

    1. jcalberta says:

      It was a bit of fun down there. Food was good. Beautiful day.

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