Alberta Tornado …

“Darn dandelions … ” 

This photo is for real.

Seems like we’re getting more and more tornadoes up here as years go by. They used to be almost unheard of.
Yet …

Wikipedia: “The Pine Lake, Alberta tornado was a deadly tornado in central Alberta which occurred on July 14, 2000 and struck a campground and a trailer park. Twelve people were killed, making it the first deadly tornado in Canada since 1987, when an F4 tornado killed 27 people in Edmonton Alberta and injured 300+”

This was classed as a Category One – the lowest rating – and caused only minimal damage.

Now upgraded to F2 they say …




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4 thoughts on “Alberta Tornado …”

  1. This is a great post on Friday Alberta Tornado. Some of the images that I saw on the news and Facebook were amazing. There is one picture we’re it was zoomed in and you can see base and clouds of this storm. I will be doing a storm photography on my next post.

    1. Canadians have been treating tornadoes as anomalies, but with ‘climate change’ we see more and more every year. It’s time to start educating ourselves on tornado safety.

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