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This photo is for real.

Seems like we’re getting more and more tornadoes up here as years go by. They used to be almost unheard of.
Yet …

Wikipedia: “The Pine Lake, Alberta tornado was a deadly tornado in central Alberta which occurred on July 14, 2000 and struck a campground and a trailer park. Twelve people were killed, making it the first deadly tornado in Canada since 1987, when an F4 tornado killed 27 people in Edmonton Alberta and injured 300+”

This was classed as a Category One – the lowest rating – and caused only minimal damage.

Now upgraded to F2 they say …




4 thoughts on “Alberta Tornado …

  1. Wow. That is quite something. Totally surreal for us down at the tip of Africa where this is only something we hear about in the news.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Canadians have been treating tornadoes as anomalies, but with ‘climate change’ we see more and more every year. It’s time to start educating ourselves on tornado safety.

  2. maui1 says:

    This is a great post on Friday Alberta Tornado. Some of the images that I saw on the news and Facebook were amazing. There is one picture we’re it was zoomed in and you can see base and clouds of this storm. I will be doing a storm photography on my next post.

    1. jcalberta says:

      They are getting closer and closer every year it seems.

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