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I hope this travel stuff isn’t boring for you. I’ll get back to The Old West right away.

Rose got this notion to treat her mother to a nice little holiday – a 4 day mini-holiday to Vancouver Island. Her mother unfortunately injured her leg and wasn’t able to come. But everything was already been booked. So Rose and I went off alone.
Our destination: Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island – North of Victoria.

Saanich Peninsula – just above Victoria

Our first destination was our digs called Heathwood.

Rose had some plans. For myself this would be sort a Magical Mystery Tour – not knowing (or caring) where we were going to go. It’s all good to me.


Our first destination was our digs: Heathwood – a nice place in the Country – kind of a Bed without Breakfast.

I’ve heard people say that they are waiting till they Retire to go travelling.
Don’t wait. Travelling gets tougher as you get older. Things you did easily when you were young now become very difficult – sometimes impossible. Lifting, hiking, carrying bags, heat, humidity … many things. Do it now.

Vancouver Island really is a kind of mini-Paradise. You can see why Rose figured her Mother would like it. It was a great disappointment that her Mother couldn’t make it.

Not bad for a cowboy eh?

From the front balcony you can actually see the Olympic Mountains in Washington USA across the inlet. They are barely visible back in those clouds though.

Unofficial Greeter

The Garden

Could have posted a hundred shots here …

2 thoughts on “Four days on the ‘Island’ … Day 1

  1. maui1 says:

    These are very good pictures of Vancouver island you put on this post. It looks like the weather is excellent. I need to update my blog but I been very busy doing a lot of work on my volunteering of making a PowerPoint presentation. I will be updating my next post very soon.

    1. jcalberta says:

      I tried to use Powerpoint once. Couldn’t get to work. But maybe they’ve improved it since the Stoneage.

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