Head Smashed In …

The Legend of Head Smashed In 

Throughout the North American Plains we find the Buffalo Jumps – places where the Natives used to harvest the Buffalo.

One such place is Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump in Southern Alberta.


How it got it’s name … 

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump is named after a tragic event. According to Blackfoot Indian legend, a young Blackfoot boy wanted to watch the buffalo plunge off the cliff from below, and was killed underneath the falling buffalo.

Where the Buffalo Roamed

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    1. Hi Doug! yeah, they are rather awesome. I’m thinking they are Blackfoot? But I couldn’t readily identify them. Some smart guy – way back when? – had the smarts to get those pics. Now they are a treasure.

  1. Oops ! spelled Buffalo incorrectly on my map. Fixed.
    I always screw something up. Sometimes I don’t notice it for months ….

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