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Dean Martin Westerns / 4 for Texas / Part 2

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2 thoughts on “Dean Martin Westerns / 4 for Texas / Part 2

  1. Don Ostertag says:

    Love your Dean Martin series. Almost had a chance to work Martin once. Rat Pack was coming to town. A couple days before the show though, Martin got sick and was replaced by Liza Minnelli, a great entertainer I also enjoyed working. Setting up for the show, I asked the Production Manager if Dean had gotten over his sickness.
    ‘Yeah,’ he told me. ‘He was sick alright. Sick of being woke up at 3, 4 in the morning by Frank and Sammy running up and down the hall, screaming and laughing, and shooting off firecrackers outside everybody’s door.’
    Never did get to work Dean.

  2. jcalberta says:

    A shame (sorta) – Dean would have been fun to meet and work with. But LIsa was probably awesome. The Rat Pack, of course, was rumored to party a lot. I couldn’t tell from here whether it was all exaggerated or not?? Probably not.
    ! always wished Lisa had done do more work than she did. She was sensational in Cabaret (Oscar) and I’m sure she was a great Club/Stage artist.
    You’ve had some great experiences Don.

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