A Common Cold …



I’ve been sick for a whole damn week. Some kind of cold. Mercifully, a cold with no cough. A cough can really slay you. I have the other symptoms though: fever, sweats, chills, fatigue, hiccups, rickets, bleeding from the ears …

But no cough.

So I went to work anyway. Every day. Fortified and embalmed with cold remedies, I worked in a foggy dream. Nobody noticed. I must be like this all the time.

Anyway, I believe it’s starting to abate. I will now go through 2 or 3 days of withdrawals from the cold meds: nausea, shaking, slurred speech, hacking and convulsions …

Then I’ll be able to continue my wonderful blogging.



I’m still working on Dean Martin’s 3rd Western – a Rat Pack Western called Sergeants 3 (1962). It’s a Popcorn Movie – they weren’t going for any Academy Awards. It relies on the considerable charisma of the Star studded Pack. And considerable it is: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford. The humor is rather clever in places.

Anyway … coming soon.

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