The Selling of John Wayne, Part 1 …

Before Star Wars there was John Wayne.

John Wayne must be the most enduring Movie Star of all time. Not only was his Box Office clout unchallenged during most his lengthy career, but his Iconic Image is still recognizable, bankable, and saleable on a worldwide scale today – 37 years after his death. The marketing, merchandising, endorsements, and advertising feats of John Wayne’s image are astonishing – especially since many of his major sales interests have long since fallen out of fashion completely or out-of-date: smoking, drinking, cars, and guns …  But Hell! his movies are still immensely popular! – appearing on TV daily.

There’s absolutely no way I will be able to reveal the immensity of the products and merchandise that this colossus of Western Film has …


But I’m gonna try anyway ..

Coming Up …

“Leave the bottle”
Have a drink with John Wayne

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