One-Eyed Jacks / 1961 / Part 2

18 Aug

come a little bit closer / jay and the americans    

The Posters

One-Eyed Jacks poster 2One-Eyed Jacks poster 21

One-Eyed Jacks poster 3 One-Eyed Jacks poster 7 One-Eyed Jacks poster 11 One-Eyed Jacks poster 12 One-Eyed Jacks poster 13 One-Eyed Jacks poster 14One-Eyed Jacks poster 4One-Eyed Jacks poster 5One-Eyed Jacks poster 6

One-Eyed Jacks poster 15 One-Eyed Jacks poster 16

One-Eyed Jacks poster 1 One-Eyed Jacks poster 18 One-Eyed Jacks poster 19One-Eyed Jacks poster 9a One-Eyed Jacks poster 9One-Eyed Jacks poster 17 One-Eyed Jacks poster album cover

2 Responses to “One-Eyed Jacks / 1961 / Part 2”

  1. Marilyn Armstrong August 22, 2016 at 11:03 am #

    I was 14 when this was released and totally enamored of Marlon Brando. I think I saw the movie a dozen times at the movies in 1961. I can’t watch it at all today, it’s so over-the-top hokey. But when I was 14, it was HOT.


    • jcalberta August 22, 2016 at 12:00 pm #

      I recall some scenes – the bullwhip scene in particular – when his hand is smashed – as being very shocking back then. To the films credit this scene is still very powerful, but by today’s standards we see worse on TV every night. Notably, there is also little or no blood in the movie despite several scenes of death by gunfire. These days we have blood everywhere and hardly bat an eye. I’d have to say the overblown gore these days has diminished it’s impact – else we’ve just become deadened to it all.

      Yes … what that Star Power is, Brando had it in Aces.


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