Punta Cana Cowboys / Country Safari

Not very well recorded, but this Korean gal gets it – that this is a lament. 

galleon bar

What do you do after a long hot Day Trip to Santo Domingo?

Night Swim
How about a midnight swim?
Night Swim 2
Ahhhh …. yes.

galleon bar

Next day … another Day Trip.
Called Country Safari.

Country Safari

Our Guide
Our Guide.

Yep … he’s trying to sell us something.
Rose tests a hat.

Crocodile Rose
Crocodile Rose
Country Safari our group
Our group

The idea behind this was to see some REAL Dominican Republic. We knew that wasn’t going to happen. But it was still some fun.

Country Safari Rose 2
What’s cookin’? Everything.
Country Safari 4
Banana and flower
Country Safari store
Chocolate, Cigars, Rum, Coffee … lots of stuff to buy …
Here’s to you!

Country Safari butterfly

Country Safari 5
Moving on …

Country Safari 7

Country Safari Surf School 2
Head for the beach …
Country Safari Surf School
“Surf School’?
Country Safari 8
Instructions: “Don’t drown.”
Country Safari 9
I wade …
Country Safari 10
Rose rests.

Country Safari 11

Like a dream …
Country Safari 12

Country Safari 13

Country Safari 14

Don’t wake me up.

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