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The Oregon Trial / 1936

In 1936, John Wayne appeared in 7 more B Westerns - 5 for Republic and 2 for Universal. The Oregon Trail was the first - also Starring Yakima Canutt.

Shot on location in Lone Pine, California, this film is 'Lost' - completely missing. Oddly, 40 stills were found in 2013. That is all that remains. Thus no Reviews.

And the existing poster are not all that great. ??

The Oregon Trail poster

The Oregon Trail poster 2

Seems to have been a lot of hand to hand fighting in this movie. In most of these early Westerns such fights mainly consisted of sloppy wrestling matches. Yakima Canutt is credited with eventually improving the fight choreography and fake punches that were thrown - thus improving the action and the safety of the stunts.

The Oregon Trail poster 3

The Oregon Trial lobby card

The Oregon Trial lobby card 2

The Oregon Trial lobby card 3

The Oregon Trial lobby card 4

The Oregon Trail poster 4

The Oregon Trial lobby card 5

Yak gets the drop on Duke and his pals

The Oregon Trial lobby card 6

The Oregon Trial

But John still gets the gal ...

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