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Marilyn (over at Serendipity Blog was asking me why I’m posting all these old John Wayne movies? since most of them were "pretty bad".  Yup, it’s true - as Gabby said - once you’ve watched one of them, they seem to be pretty much the same thing over and over: The New Frontier, The Lawless Frontier, Lawless Range etc  But ... well I’m doing it as a John Wayne Filmography. This interests me. (You too I hope) For me, there are enough excellent images and great posters to sustain this project. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t bother. Historically speaking though - especially in the History of Western Film - all these movies are important. And become even more so every year. In part, because they are John Wayne movies - the greatest Western Film Star of all time - but also just because they are part of early Western Film - going all the way back to the 20's. Frankly I’m surprised that so many of these old Movies still exist. Much of the film from that era has been lost or thrown away. For instance, many of John Ford’s early works are gone.

But don’t worry ... we are gradually approaching that important year in Western Film History: 1939 - the year John Ford and John Wayne made Stagecoach ... the movie that broke the Western B Movie mold and elevated Westerns to legitimate Theatre art ...

Lawless Range / 1935

Lawless Range poster 1

Another pretty dang nice poster

Lawless Range review 1

Yep ... the reviews weren't too good. 

Lawless Range review 2

Lawless Range poster 3

Lawless Range poster 2

Lawless Range screencap 3

Posters often featured colorized screen caps though the movie was B&W

Lawless Range poster 4

Lawless Range screencap 2

Lawless Range screencap 1

Lawless Range poster 7

Lawless Range poster 6

There were at least 3 attempts to turn John Wayne into a 'Singing Cowboy' - but the perpetrators were hunted down and hung

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Lawless Range / 2016 

Lawless Range 2016

NOT based upon the original

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The Real Lawless Range

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