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In 1935, John Wayne as 28 years old. I doubt that he was worried about much. Many people were literally starving in the 30's - could barely survive - while he was a Movie Star - though probably not too rich. He might well have wondered when the bubble was going to burst - and surely had no idea that the real movie paradise was just up the canyon.

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Paradise Canyon / 1935

Paradise Canyon poster 1

Rating this poster at least a 9 out of 10. Magnificent!

Paradise Canyon All Movie Review

Paradise Canyon IMDB

Paradise Canyon 1

Paradise Canyon 2

Paradise Canyon poster 2

Paradise Canyon 3

Paradise Canyon 4

Paradise Canyon 5

Paradise Canyon poster 3

Another pretty damn good poster - John looks a bit like Gene Autry here

Paradise Canyon poster 4

Example of a generic poster - just change the title and use it again.

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