Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 1

 Merci Bon Dieu / Belafonte

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Day Trip to Santo Domingo

Punta Cana 88a

    The whole time I was at Punta Cana I was conscious – or felt – that I was in an artificial world – a ‘make believe’ place. I was enjoying myself yes … it was a dream. But it was hard for me to shake that feeling. That it was not real. And maybe I didn’t really deserve to be here.

    I recognized that I am privileged. The average person in the Dominican Republic (or the world) will never have access to anything like this. The 3rd World was just outside our gilded gates … and they will never get in.

    So I wanted to see some of that Real World … if I could.

Punta Cana 89
Up before sunrise … get on the bus
Punta Cana 89a
Exit Punta Cana
Punta Cana 90
Half way there … Pit stop
Punta Cana 91
Grab a coffee … or some rum

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Onward … to:

“Monumento Natural Cueva los Tres Ojos”
which means:
Natural Monument: the Cave of Three Eyes 

Punta Cana 92
“Cave of the Three Eyes” is crowded
Punta Cana 93
Down you go …
Punta Cana 95
Down we go …
Punta Cana 94
The first of the “Eyes”
Punta Cana 97
Pool two
Punta Cana 96
Looking up
Punta Cana 98
I told you it was crowded
Punta Cana 99
The third “Eye”
Punta Cana 100
Heading back up …
Punta Cana 101
From up top

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Curiously …

Our guide told us that before the government took over the caves,
several people had died here – mainly from falling or drowning.
Later Rose and I noticed several orbs in our shots.

Punta Cana 102
This is the only orb shot I’ve included here. Hard to miss though. 

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Upcoming … Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 2

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    1. I thought we were just going into Santo Domingo. An interesting diversion. Yes there does seem to be a lot o these subterranean caverns in Mexican and the peninsula. Who knows what the Ancients used them for?

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