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Day Trip to Santo Domingo

Punta Cana 88a

    The whole time I was at Punta Cana I was conscious - or felt - that I was in an artificial world - a 'make believe' place. I was enjoying myself yes ... it was a dream. But it was hard for me to shake that feeling. That it was not real. And maybe I didn't really deserve to be here.

    I recognized that I am privileged. The average person in the Dominican Republic (or the world) will never have access to anything like this. The 3rd World was just outside our gilded gates ... and they will never get in.

    So I wanted to see some of that Real World ... if I could.

Punta Cana 89

Up before sunrise ... get on the bus

Punta Cana 89a

Exit Punta Cana

Punta Cana 90

Half way there ... Pit stop

Punta Cana 91

Grab a coffee ... or some rum

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Onward ... to:

"Monumento Natural Cueva los Tres Ojos"
which means:
Natural Monument: the Cave of Three Eyes 

Punta Cana 92

"Cave of the Three Eyes" is crowded

Punta Cana 93

Down you go ...

Punta Cana 95

Down we go ...

Punta Cana 94

The first of the "Eyes"

Punta Cana 97

Pool two

Punta Cana 96

Looking up

Punta Cana 98

I told you it was crowded

Punta Cana 99

The third "Eye"

Punta Cana 100

Heading back up ...

Punta Cana 101

From up top

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Curiously ...

Our guide told us that before the government took over the caves,
several people had died here - mainly from falling or drowning.
Later Rose and I noticed several orbs in our shots.

Punta Cana 102

This is the only orb shot I've included here. Hard to miss though. 

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Upcoming ... Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 2

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