Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Two / Part 1

26 Mar

Punta Cana Day 2 1

It rained over night.

Punta Cana day 2 1a

But we didn’t mind because, despite our precautions,
we both got sun burn the day before.

Punta Cana day 2 1b
So a little cloud and cooling off was welcome.

Punta Cana day 2 1c

We just couldn’t take enough pics of this bird though. He was a Star.
Punta Cana day 2 1d

galleon bar

Time for some shopping.

Punta Cana Day 2 2

The Resort has a few shops.
This guy claimed his name was Charlie Brown. Gave me a free cigar.
NO, not that big one. But I bought some panatellas (small cigars)
anyway, to give out when I get back.

galleon bar

Then we headed off resort to some nearby shops.
They were situated in this once grand hotel.
My awful photo doesn’t do it justice.

Punta Cana Day 2 2a

I’m guessing it was put out of business by the modern
seaside Resorts. But you could easily imagine that in it’s heyday the likes of
Clark Gable or Greta Garbo once walked it’s hallways.

Punta Cana Day 2 2b

The entrance way. While taking pics here I ripped my shirt
on a nail … then tripped over a sprinkler head and nearly killed myself.
Punta Cana Day 2 2cOut back they’re building a new golf course. This old hotel would make
a great club house. I foresee it returning to grander times.

Downstairs they had a little cigar factory and shop.

Punta Cana Day 2 5

Alonzo the Cigar Master and Julio the Apprentice crank out the cigs.

Punta Cana Day 2 6

Lots of cigars. Expensive or cheap. But all of ’em are probably pretty good.

Punta Cana Day 2 3

Lottsa cigars.

Punta Cana Day 2 8

Rum and cigars are big in the Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana Day 2 9

Below: Famous cigarists. Can you ID them?

Punta Cana Day 2 10

Churchill, Groucho Marx, Che Guevara
JFK, Sig Freud, Peter Falk,
Charles Aznavour, Nicholson, Demi Moore, Michael Jordan,
Robert De Niro, Schwarzeneggar

I got ’em all except Asnavour and Demi Moore.

galleon bar

Punta Cana Day 2 11

Back to the Resort

Coming up: Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Two / Part 2

One Response to “Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Two / Part 1”

  1. Marilyn Armstrong March 29, 2016 at 10:20 am #

    Looks like a grand vacation. That little egret was definitely Hollywood quality 🙂


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