John Wayne … Iconic Images / 1933

The Telegraph TrailThe Telegraph Trail 2

The Telegraph Trail 3The Telegraph Trail 4The Telegraph Trail 5SIx Shooter Bar

Somewhere in Sonora

Somewhere in Sonora 3

Somewhere in Sonora 2

Somewhere in Sonora 4

Somewhere in Sonora 1

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Sagebrush Trail 1933

Sagebrush Trail 1933 2

Sagebrush Trail 1933 3

Sagebrush Trail 1933 4

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Riders of Destiny

Riders of Destiny 2

Riders of Destiny 5

Riders of Destiny 4

Riders of Destiny 3

Riders of Destiny 6

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The Man from Monterey

The Man from Monterey 2

The Man from Monterey 4

The Man from Monterey 3

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3 thoughts on “John Wayne … Iconic Images / 1933”

    1. Hi Cindy !

      They made hundreds (thousands?) of those B Westerns during the 30’s and 40’s. Wayne was just one of many actors in such movies.

      How did he get the name Duke?

      These are supposedly his own words:

      “There’ve been a lot of stories about how I got to be called Duke. One was that I played the part of a duke in a school play, which I never did. Sometimes, they even said I was descended from royalty! It was all a lot of rubbish. Hell, the truth is that I was named after a dog!”

      John Wayne was born Marion Michael Morrison in Winterset, Iowa. When young Marion was six, the family moved to California, eventually settling in Glendale. Marion delivered newspapers in the morning with his trusty Airedale, Duke. The locale firemen called them “Big Duke” and “Little Duke.”

      Marion later accepted a full scholarship to play football at the University of Southern California. In the summer of 1926, head coach Howard Jones fixed Duke up with a job as an assistant prop man on the set of a John Ford movie. The rest is history.

      There you go.

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