John Wayne … Iconic Images Part 9 /

Despite Wayne’s Starring role in The Big Trail (1930) most of his early work was either as an extra or a support actor.
He really wasn’t a Star. Yet.

The Range Feud 1931

But he was a handsome young man
and you could see there was something there.

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Two Fisted Law 1932
John is Billed 3rd
Two Fisted Law 1932 4
John is Billed 5th on this poster 
Two Fisted Law 1932 2
3rd on this poster

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Texas Cyclone 1932
John is Billed 4th

Two Fisted Law 1932 3

Above: Who says tall don’t count? Even without a Ten Gallon Hat,
Wayne is taller than McCoy (right) and the other guy.

Texas Cyclone 1932 2
John is unBilled. (I just liked the poster)

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Ride 'em Cowboy 1932
John is riding high

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Haunted Gold 1932

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The Big Stampede 1932

The Big Stampede 1932 2

The Big Stampede 1932 3
With DUKE his devil horse !!

The Big Stampede 1932 4

The Big Stampede 1932 5

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