Punta Cana Cowboys / Day One / Part 2

19 Mar

I just wanted to get to the beach and jump in the Ocean.
Without that, why would I come here anyway?

Donning my famous Mayan Calendar T-Shirt and some sunscreen we head out.

Punta Cana 23

But almost right away we spot some peacocks.

Punta Cana 24

Gotta take pictures of peacocks.

Punta Cana 25

They obliged.

Punta Cana 26

We decided to cut through the Paseo Ecologico (Ecological Walk)

Punta Cana 27

Sort of a jungle in the jungle.

Punta Cana 28

But nice.

Punta Cana 29

I’m forced to navigate the deadly Mangrove Bridge

Punta Cana 30

Finally we emerge.

Punta Cana 31

Our destination is in sight !

Punta Cana 33

Our destination at last !!

Punta Cana 35

Rose sets up camp.

Punta Cana 34

Finally … !

Punta Cana 36

How sweet it is.

Punta Cana 37

A swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean!

Punta Cana 38


Punta Cana 39

Punta Cana 41

Coming up: Punta Cana Cowboys / Day One / Part 3

2 Responses to “Punta Cana Cowboys / Day One / Part 2”

  1. Marilyn Armstrong at 12:04 am #

    Beautiful place and the beach is magnificent 😁 Have a wonderful time!


    • jcalberta at 12:45 am #

      Thank you Marilyn … Yeah the beach was awesome. Sand didn’t burn our feet. Ocean was beautiful and warm. We went in the water at least once every day.


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