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The failing of man is the poverty of his desires.
– anon

Strangers in Paradise 

I never dreamed of ever going to Caribbean.
That’s something that rich people do.
But one day Rose said, “I want to go to Punta Cana.”
So … a Part-Time Greeter at Home Depot
and a House Cleaner go to Punta Cana.

A once in a lifetime experience.

galleon bar

Punta Cana / Dominican Republic

Dominican Carribean Map

Punta Cana Plane

Mandatory plane selfie

Punta Cana 2

Disembark … 8 hours to Punta Canada from Calgary

Punta Cana 3

Sunwing — cramped seats / Good pilots. The first thing that hits you is the humidity.

Punta Cana 4

Grab the bags

Punta Cana 5

Checking in … that’s not alcohol … but it’s good. 

One of the first things folks asked us when we got back was “How much did you drink?” We don’t drink. I did once. But I’ve found I can have a hell of good time without it. This seems to puzzle some people.

Bavaro Princess Resort Map

Bavaro Princess Resort Map

Punta Cana 6

Looking around … we’re not in Alberta anymore Toto.

Punta Cana 7

From our room

Punta Cana 8

There’s a nice swimming pool behind that jungle

Punta Cana 9

Interior Courtyard

Punta Cana 10

Punta Cana 11

Punta Cana 12

Punta Cana 13


Punta Cana 14

Lottsa rum

Punta Cana 15

Stuff to do …

Punta Cana 16

More stuff …

Punta Cana 17

Punta Cana 20

Essentials … that Solarcaine cost us 14 dollars US.

Punta Cana 19

Punta Cana 21

Read carefully … VERY carefully

Punta Cana 22

Watched a Harry Potter film festival on TV for the whole week. SHAZZAM !

Coming up: Punta Cana Cowboys / Day One / Part 2

3 thoughts on “Punta Cana Cowboys / Day One

  1. What a fun adventure you are having. Always great to see something completely different. I’m glad you two got a chance to get away. Looking forward to reading more of your itinerary.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Rose gets really stressed on her job – she deserves something special. It was rather amazing. We took over 1000 pics, so it’s really a tough decision what to post. A nice problem.

      1. Indeed!

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