My Favorite Westerns

A Celebration of Western Movies … Pardner!

Fire Prayer – Denean

Cheyenne Autumn

Cheyenne Autumn 2

Cheyenne Autumn 3

Cheyenne Autumn 4

Cheyenne Autumn 5

4 thoughts on “Cheyenne Autumn

  1. Rick says:

    This is a good one.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Thanks Rick. Had a bit of fun.
      BTW ! .. what happened to your Blog !? Moving to a different outfit ?

      1. Rick says:

        A couple of things happened.
        1. I was appointed to a position in the city government and did not think it was appropriate to have a blog with Surrounded by Imbeciles in the address.

        2. I was advised that it might not be a good idea to throw a bunch of stuff onto the internet.

        3. Recently, I haven’t had time to write anything.

        It is still there in case I decide to write some more stuff. The address is I was hoping that my followers would still be able to pick up something that I publish.

      2. jcalberta says:

        ah ! i see. OK. Gets a bit awkward. Well … glad to know you’re still there.

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