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A Man Called Horse / 1970

“The Sioux gave him a choice, live like an animal
or die like one.”

“A man called “Horse” became an Indian warrior
in the most electrifying rituals ever seen.”

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Five years after Major Dundee, Harris appeared in his second Western: A Man Called Horse. This time he was at the top of the Bill – and Starring in one of the most controversial Westerns ever made – and of which, much of that controversy is still intact and relevant – over 45 years later.

But first let’s look at some media:

A Man Called Horse image 1
A Man Called Horse poster 1 A Man Called Horse poster 2 A Man Called Horse poster 3 A Man Called Horse poster 4 A Man Called Horse poster 5 A Man Called Horse poster 6 A Man Called Horse poster 7 A Man Called Horse poster 8 A Man Called Horse poster 9 A Man Called Horse poster 11 A Man Called Horse poster 12 A Man Called Horse poster 13

Impressive images.
Several depict one of the films controversial features:
The very graphic Native American initiation ceremony –
Hard to watch even to this day.

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Lost Prairie

6 thoughts on “Richard Harris / Cowboy – A Man Called Horse – Part 1

  1. Rick says:

    When I describe the Sun Dance to my classes, they tend to cringe.

  2. jcalberta says:

    There were members of that tribes that practice this ceremony considered the revealing of this rite to be sacrilegious. It had been a secret rite ceremony. I wonder if it’s portrayed properly of accurately? In any event, it’s a safe bet we don’t understand it. However, Initiation Rites of certain cultures often seem to involve pain or painful tests of some kind. ? Walking on fire – painful body modifications. Not sure why? Passing it over to you.

  3. Don Ostertag says:

    Like you say, hard to watch even today. I never did watch it. Did work quite a big with Richard Harris when he would come through with CAMELOT. And I worked with Jean Gascon, who played Batise. I got a post upcoming about Richard’s temper.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Hi Don. I’m going to watch it again right away. I bet it’s better than I recall. “Man in the Wilderness” was. I wished I’d met Harris. I worked as a set painter on Eastwood’s “Unforgiven”, but met none of the actors. I was always working at another location. I love Camelot. Grew up the music. My parents were great fans of the musicals and we had all the records and saw all the Musical films. I look forward to you post on Harris.

  4. I didn’t much care for the movie. I did like the book. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like the movie.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Don’t know about the book. I do have the original short story – which I will post. I’m going to re-watch the movie. I don’t think it will be perfect, but I anticipate there will be merit.

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