Old West Medicine …

One thing we can’t celebrate about the Old West is Medicine of that era (though we may wonder at our own).

medicine wagon

I woke up this morning with an excruciating pain in my lower left back. It soon became so bad that I could barely stay conscious and thought I might fall. I knew I had to get some Emergency assistance quickly. Should I phone for an ambulance? or get Rose to take to drive me over to the Hospital? I couldn’t chance driving myself – that was certain. The pain wouldn’t cease. I got dressed as best I could and decided that Rose would drive me over. Staggering to the car we wondering what the hell was going on? I have an abdominal hernia (operated on once) and also a bad back. Was it somehow coming from these? I’ve had some recent symptoms of kidney and liver pain which I figured was coming from using Ibuprofen pain killers (I’d quit all painkillers a month ago) for foot and back pain at work. Something else?? I’d been to the Dentist just yesterday for 2 fillings. One filling was so near to the nerve that the Doc had to put something special on the nerve to deaden any pain (Thanks Doc). Was it something resulting from that? Was it Aliens on special mission to antagonize me?? ???

When we get to the hospital and there’s thankfully very few people in the Emergency waiting room. I didn’t relish sitting there for ANY period of time. It took about 10 or 15 minutes to see to the Docs.

I’m wheeled in … interviewed by about 4 different folks whilst my blood is being removed and I’m placed on a slab. “Ziss vill only take a minute.”

How about some painkillers Doc? … “Vat? did you say someving? Stop viggling!”

Anyway … turns out I have a gal stone .. or kidney stone. Can’t quite recall at the moment .. I was pretty stoned.

But it passed through! YAY ! Not peacefully though.

Turns out I also have Diabetes 2. Too. I’d kinda figured so, but I was avoiding doing anything about it. Western Style.

jcalberta tombstone

No, I didn’t have my boots on.

OLD WEST elixer

medicine wagon 2



snake oil bar

But there’s always medical alternatives.


home medicine kit
Home Medicine Kit

snake oil bar

Old West School of Dentistry

at the dentist

OLD WEST Dentist Sign
What!? No haircut ?
OLD WEST Dentist Sign 2
Painless I tell ya!

Young Doc Holliday

Holliday Dentistry
“Hold still … I’m about to remove your left upper molar.”
Cowboy dentistry
Old West Self Dentistry … not really recommended … or missed

snake oil bar

Real Medicine

Lancaster The Rainmaker

The Magic of Lancaster (Starbuck) and Katherine Hepburn
The Rainmaker (1956)

The Rainmaker poster

Lancaster The Rainmaker 2

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  1. After 50 anything can happen. But I haven’t taken care of myself as good as I should have. Going for my Diabetic tests on July 10. I can handle it. Guess I have to.

  2. I’m so sorry. I’m also coming up on diabetes. I’m not in diabetes, I’m still technically “pre diabetic.” Did the gall stones, lost the gall bladder. At our age, it’s always something. I’m damned tired of it, too.

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