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Duncan woman with Huntington’s Disease goes for one last motorcycle ride
Huntington’s Disease doesn’t hold 43 year-old back from going on one last ride

It was a special day for a Duncan woman with Huntington’s disease.

She wanted to go for one more motorcycle ride but because of the advanced stage of her disease she wasn’t able to hold on by herself.

Her mother put out an ad online for someone with a sidecar and the response was quick and exceeded any expectations.

My youngest brother Chris responded to the ad and offered the services of his Ural sidecar motorcycle. Then things just took off as the good folks of Duncan, BC and area joined in.


Chris: “This is going to be fun. It’s a good thing.”

saddle up

Ready to roll


good samaritans

Good folks of Duncan BC !!

Chris' Ural Sidecar Motorcycle

Hope Angie had a great ride !

Way to Go People !!

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