Knocked down …

Brother Doug was asking when I was going to get to Boot Hill.
Maybe sooner than I plan because I’ve been sick for a whole week. Flu again.
If the disease don’t kill ya the meds will.
So I haven’t been up to getting anything done on the Blog.
Despite several attempts.

OK CORRAL Reenactment Set 1

Working on OK Corral gunfight re-enactment. I have about 50 photos that I’m sorting through.
Then on to Boot Hill. I’ll keep my boots on just in case …
The whole thing was a nice adventure and a lot of fun. So I hope I can convey that you to and get along …


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3 thoughts on “Knocked down …

  1. You’ve reminded me how much I enjoyed Tombstone. Time to watch it again, I guess. Have you considered getting a flu vaccination? That’s an awful lot of flu. Or is it a nasty cold, aka, a virus of any other name would still lay you out for two weeks …

    1. I suppose I better figure something out because one of these days that thing is gonna kill me.

      1. We get flu shots every year. We haven’t gotten the flu in a long time, though we’ve gotten other horrible colds that aren’t officially the flu. Over all, it’s much better. Between pneumonia shots and flu vaccine, we don’t get nearly as sick. We used to be sick for months at a time.

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