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Outlaw Man / Eagles

(Q) Up to that time, did you see any weapon of any kind drawn by or in the hands of either of the Clantons or McLaurys?
(A) No sir. They all had their hands up, up to that time. Tom McLaury had his hands up, holding his coat open.
– Testimony of Ike Clanton

OK Corral Exhibit / Shop

Tombstone city hall and sign

Out front …

OK Corral site

OK Corral site 3

Inside … 

OK Corral ATM

Insert wallet here

Boot Hill please … 

last buggy ride

Insert body here …

Gun Bar

Out back …

Shades of Oklahoma

Surrey With The Fringe On Top – Unknown rider

OK Corral sluce


Gun Bar

Gunfight Mockup

OK Corral gunfight mockup 1

OK Corral gunfight mockup 2

OK Corral gunfight mockup 3

A not too impressive mockup of the Gunfight – though it does include a decent audio component.

Tombstone badge 2

Next: The OK Corral Gunfight Re-enactment !

2 thoughts on “Arizona Holiday: Tombstone: The OK Corral: Part 2

  1. There are — what 12? sides to the story, but I only want to here one. Because I like the legend. Go Team Earp!

    1. jcalberta says:

      Sorta reminds me of the blind guys and the elephant parable. No doubt who got shot tho.

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