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“Broncho Billy” Anderson

I noticed that I spelling Broncho Billy’s name incorrectly throughout my last post (now corrected). It’s spelled Broncho – not Bronco – with an H in there.

I was feeling embarrassed about this until I noticed that other folks have made the same mistake – such as on Hollywood Walk of Fame Star!

See below:

Bronco Billy Anderson Star

Did they do that intentionally?

I just know that I can fix my mistake more easily than they can theirs.

Then there’s this:

Bronco Billy poster

I don’t feel so bad now.

Gun Bar 2

The Posters

Though Broncho is said to have made some 400 films, film posters for his movies are scarce. I’m guessing there was plenty made, but now are long lost. I hope to discover some more … ??

Bronco Billy poster 2

Bronco Billy poster 3

Bronco Billy poster 4

Bronco Billy poster 5

Bronco Billy poster 7

“It’s BRONCHO … pardner.”

Bronco Billy poster 8

Bronco Billy poster 9

Happy Trails Broncho.

One thought on “Broncho Billy Anderson … Posters

  1. Broncho must be an old spelling. I don’t think I’ve seen it spelled that way … ever? I looked it up and no dictionary spells it that way. So I’m not surprised everyone gets it wrong. Interesting.

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