Sammy … Gunslinger

Sammy … Gunslinger.

“You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.”
– Sammy Davis Jr.

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– I Gotta be Me – Sammy Davis Jr.


I’m sure a few people were surprised to see Sammy Davis Jr. listed as one of the Actors that Sam Peckinpah had considered for the role of Dutch Engstrom inThe Wild Bunch, which was eventually played by Ernest Borgnine.
But I’ll tell you something – I bet Sammy would have done a great job.
Firstly Sammy Davis Jr. was one of the greatest Entertainers who ever lived. He could do anything:
Stage and Screen, Stand up, Impressionist, Dance, Sing, Recording Artist, played several musical instruments … ???
Immensely talented – the consummate performer.
Also like many American kids of his era, it appears that Sammy loved Westerns – that probably dreamed of being Cowboy like many of us did.
I have plenty of evidence to support my claim:

Sammy Davis Jr Cowboy

Sammy’s Gunhandling / Twirling talents were legendary in Hollywood and he showcased them often.

Sammy Davis Jr Gunhandling - Twirling

Sammy Davis Jr custom gunbelt and Colt

Sammy Davis Jr custom Colt 2

Colt 45 bar

Sammy Davis Jr. and 'The Duke'

Sammy Davis Jr shows his stuff

Sammy and Clint

Sammy and Clint 2

Colt 45 bar

Ratpack Cowboys / Sargeants 3 (1962)

Sargeants 3 (1962)

Ratpack Cowboys - Sargeants 3 (1962)

Ratpack Cowboys - Sargeants 3 (1962) 2

Colt 45 bar
The Rifleman: Season 4, Episode 21 
Two Ounces of Tin (19 Feb. 1962)

Sammy Davis Jr on the Rifleman (1962)

Sammy Davis Jr on the Rifleman (1962) 2

Sammy Davis Jr. as Tip Corey on the Rifleman

Colt 45 bar

Sammy Davis Jr on Lawman

Colt 45 bar

Sammy on the Carol Burnett Show (1975) - Harvey Corman in back

Colt 45 bar

Sammy Davis Jr Adios Amigo

Sammy Davis Jr Star

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5 thoughts on “Sammy … Gunslinger”

  1. I commented yesterday on this and it’s not here today. The WordPress platform has gotten REALLY wonky. Anyway, he was a brilliant hoofer and a fine actor. Have you ever seen “Tap”? Terrific movie. I think it was Sammy’s final appearance.

    1. Thank you very much for your comments and support. That was my fault … somehow screwed up and lost it.
      Yes ! Thank you. I’ve been wanting to watch that movie again, but forgot it’s name. It’s wonderful.

    1. He was brilliant. One of the greatest. I believe one of the reasons we don’t have Variety Shows anymore is that entertainers like Sammy aren’t around anymore.
      I used to kind of laugh about the Rat Pack because little Sammy’s talents dwarfed all those guys – even though they were BIg Stars.

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