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When I was a kid I never used to catch anything. I’d watch as my 4 brothers and sister were falling like dominoes to whatever was ‘going around’. I was kind of smug about it.

THEN … I left home … and started smoking. From that point on I caught everything that existed. Smoking seriously weakens your immune system.

Then … I kept hearing that flu can kill ya. As a young feller, I found that hard to believe.

“From hells heart I stab at thee …” – Ahab

Then … about 4 years ago I caught a good one. It was deadly … started to shut my system down bit by bit … it was in my glands, my sinuses, by lungs … coughing, sweating, hacking, choking … all I could do was sleep and hope it didn’t hit pneumonia. I think it did, but I still lasted it out.

This current edition is pretty bad too – Rose has been coughing heavily for over a week and a half. Can’t shake it. But I think we are finally on the upswing. Maybe in a week we will be OK. ???

Unless it’s one of those damn flues that keep on coming back.

It’s really prevented me from working on my blog because on top of the illness I’m so medicated … full of Drisdan, Codeine, Benelin … so drowsy I can’t think straight … we’ve been trying everything – even turkey soup.


The Flu Dragon

dragon bar

while the company is true

Galadriel / Lord of the Rings

The Dolphin Award

dragon bar

ill be back

ill be back …

3 thoughts on “Slaying the Flu Dragon …

  1. Have you considered a DOCTOR?

    1. jcalberta says:

      “Doctor!??” You mean one those guys in a white smock … ??

      I’ll consult me Leprechaun.

      This requires that I go to the pub …

      1. Without getting graphic, pneumonia is nothing to fool around with. It can kill you or do long term serious damage to your lungs, ears, and more.

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