“Bullets or fries Sir?”

Rose, my Lady, sent me this story – asked me post it – figuring people might be interested. I am.

Guns, of course, are always a controversy – especially on Western Blogs because pretty well every Western has guns in it – killing and shooting. And I have just been covering Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch.

So this raised the issue. We in Canada, just went through a very controversial period whereby a law was passed to register all guns. Eventually the whole thing failed and the law was thrown out.

We have no such thing here as the 2nd Amendment, though many people feel the same way.

I have no guns. Sometimes when I watch the News I wonder if I shouldn’t get one. Fearing that the world is going to blow up in my face – anarchy and all.
I grew up with guns – us 5 boys and sis. In the house we had 2 double barrel shotguns; one single 12 gauge; 2 30/30’s; 3 22’s; about 3 handguns; pellet rifles …
I was also in the Militia for a short time – Calgary Highlanders. Went to Camp Wainwright: shot FNC1’s; FNC2; Stengun; BrenGun; tossed grenades …
But right now I don’t own any guns – don’t believe I’ve shot one since I left home in 1969.
I like Action movies (if they’re well done) and obviously Westerns. And I play lots of computer games – most have shooting and killing.
But I have no inclination to kill anybody.
Not yet anyway.


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3 thoughts on ““Bullets or fries Sir?””

  1. The Second Amendment is a tricky topic. There’s no need for anyone to own an assault rifle. Shoot to kill your food and if you have on your property to defend yourself, well, okay. In Arizona, you surely know, you are allowed to carry a gun. It makes me very nervous to see people walk around carrying a loaded pistol. It’s not the gun that makes me nervous its the weirdos who carry them. Too much power, there!

    1. Yeah .. I would wonder at anyone carrying a gun around?
      I lived in the country quite a bit as a kid and there was some practicality in owning a gun and many people had one in their vehicle. BUT I surely would not want to see that anywhere else – like in a major city – everybody carrying a gun.
      Yet, of course, most gun owners are responsible. Just the crackpots make the news.

  2. Once, Garry and I who were both working in dangerous places, coming home late at night alone, considered if we should get handguns. We didn’t. We just, without further discussion, dropped it and never brought it up again. Some of us aren’t born again gun people.

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