My Favorite Westerns

A Celebration of Western Movies … Pardner!

Railroad Bill by Alan Lomax 

Billy Miner … still popular 

Seen Billy

Billy Minor Legacy

The Grey Fox train bar

Seen Billy 2

Billy Minor Legacy 2


Billy Minor pub

Seen Billy 3

Billy's gun bar

Billy Tombstone

4 thoughts on “Billy Miner … Part 3

  1. What a character! I have enjoyed learning about him, JC. Nice posts.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Thanks Cindy. This closes the door on Billy. I move to doing a worthy profile of Richard Farnsworth who is a Western Icon and was a stuntman in MANY famous movies for about 35 years before becoming an actor. Onward.

  2. Clearly in line to be the hero of a new TV series. All his sins will be forgiven and he will be the Robin Hood of his time.

    1. jcalberta says:

      There are no end of available outlaws to be exploited and Hero-ised. Billy may rise again.
      Funny how many of our Western Heroes are outlaws. Even some of our Goodguys – like Earp – were pretty well thugs with a badge who bent the law to their own purpose.
      But we do love those that fight against the establishment.

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