Malware Update …


I was finally able to get ‘istart123’ malware virus under control – following manual instructions from a YouTube video – or two.
(YouTube is handy for a lot of things)

Oop and Schoo

This stopped it from Hijacking my Internet Browser – though I was sure it was still infesting my system. And in this 3 day process I mangled my system somewhat and had to restore several things.


I Then decided to give Malwarebytes (free) virus killer another try – hoping that they had Updated their virus library to include ‘istart123’. I was sure this virus was a recent invasion since both Spybot and Malwarebytes hadn’t detected it in previous scans.

Popeye 2

AHA ! Malwarebytes did indeed now detect it – and removed several pieces of intrusive trash it had placed on my system. It took them 5 days to come up with a solution though. Not a criticism. It just shows how tuff this virus is. I haven’t scanned with Spybot yet (I will) – because it will often detect stuff that Malwarebytes misses. BUT I still think Marwarebytes is about the best virus program around.

Pogo 2

So if you get this bug you can pretty well be assured that
Malwarebytes will get rid of it.

Popeye 4

But to this very moment I don’t know how it got on my system. I can think of several way: Torrents; Mods; Jpegs and such that I downloaded for my blog …

 Popeye 3

But I don’t really know.

Pogo 4

Back in the saddle …

Oop and Boop

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  1. Glad you’ve made progress. Glad it wasn’t me! I’ve had so many problems with my systems and I really don’t want to deal with any more if I can avoid it, You give me hope,

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