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In some ways, I was brought up in a pretty sheltered manner. This resulted in me believing that nobody is truly EVIL – and that anybody will really do the Right Thing if they have a choice or a chance – and that people who do bad things were really just victims of an unfortunate upbringing. Even when I would watch movies – Westerns or otherwise – and I would see some bad guy doing something on the screen, I would think to myself “That’s unrealistic – nobody is really like that. Those depictions were untrue.” I just couldn’t believe anybody was truly like that.

I was able to entertain such naïve notions for a couple of reasons: Nobody taught me any different. And I never really experienced much such behavior because our family moved around a lot and my existence, experience and relationships were mainly internal – in the family. Therefore I was not readily exposed to such outside influences. I carried these strange misconceptions for a long time.

How (unfortunately) wrong I was.

Then I left home – and it’s shelter. It didn’t take me long to find the truth.

And I was walking victim – ready to be used, abused and refused. I wish I could say this lesson happened quickly and I moved along right away. But I didn’t. I had to endure many years of hard knocks before I smartened up and learned to look out for myself and protect myself – and recognize my Right, Need and Responsibility to do so.

Why do I mention all this?

Because such people are abundant on the Internet. Because they can say and do things on the Internet with almost complete anonymity and impunity. Nobody knows who they are – where they are – and how to get at them. They can practice their abusive and ruthless disrespect and dishonesty from a distance. Such is one of the horrifying aspects of our wonderful Internet.

So this week I got nailed again. It came in the form of a Trojan virus called “Istart123” – a Hijacking Virus – that infests your computer and takes over your Internet Browser and puts many other intrusions all over your computer via hidden files that make it very difficult to find and remove – and it has the ability to re-install itself, if you do.

I’ve been trying for 3 days to get it off my system – and multiple effects – and failings – and it’s still there.

I’ve had similar garbage get on my computer in the past – but I was able to get rid of them with Malwarbytes Software or Spybot Software. At one time, both had free useful versions. I’ve used AVG with success in the past as well, but it’s not free anymore either. Only Spybot still maintains a free program. I did eventually buy AVG, but found to too large and pervasive on my system – and constant nagging to buy more of their stuff.

In this instance however, neither Malwarbytes or Spybot would remove – or even detect – this disgusting Virus. I’ve sent both companies email, but so far no indication that they know anything about it. These are usually good Programs …

Note: I’ve been attempting to use Microsoft Windows Defender – for a long time – but it seems to detect nothing. Ever. Nothing. Never has. Even while Malwarbytes and Spybot were detecting dozens of things. Likewise for Microsoft Malicious Malware Tool. It scans your system (for hours). But finds nothing. Nada. Microsoft Firewall might be good (?), but it’s Virus detection software appears to be garbage. Are you listening Microsoft????? Take some of your Billions of dollars and fix your useless Virus Software. Please.

By the way, this virus also seems to attempt to block any Internet Searches to find out how to remove it and also to sell you phony “Istart123 Virus removal software” – which will most likely install more garbage on your system. This is an old trick that these Virus making scums use: Infect your computer – then sell you a product to remove the Infection.

Why nobody arrests these morons … ??? I guess they can’t find them?

I also received a very suspiciously worded email with a PDF attachment – which I suspect is from these guys – as they’ve noticed I’ve been trying to get rid of their crap. I immediately threw it away. The lowest of the low.

So after several failed attempts to remove this thing via instructions from the Net and videos on YouTube I finally was told that there was a free Virus/Trojan detection program called SpyHunter would detect it and remove. I located the SpyHunter site – downloaded the program, installed it, and ran it. After an hour it claimed to have detected “114 Toolbar Infections”, 12 infections of “istart123”, 5 infections of “mysearchdial Toolbar”, 4 infections of “Softonic Search Toolbar”, 13 infections of “Speeddial Search”, etc etc.

Only one problem: when you go to purge these infection suddenly SpyHunter pops up a screen informing you that they won’t remove them unless you buy the “program for $30” – or “40 Dollars” for Spyhunter deluxe. “OH, did we forget to tell you that??? before you downloaded it? Installed it? Ran it? I hope you don’t think we hid that bit of information because we knew you wouldn’t Download it, Install it, and Run it … ?”

This is more standard operating and business procedure you find on the Internet. Ethics and Integrity be damned. Money is all that matters.

I don’t expect anything for nothing, but don’t please don’t deliberately deceive me and pretend you’re a reputable company. Thank you. Now go to hell.

So … here I am. That garbage is still on my system. And I can’t get it off.

I may have to completely re-install Windows to get rid of it? I’m not even sure that will work?

Yes folks … there’s plenty of badguys out there.

Easy to find on the Net.

Author: jcalberta

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11 thoughts on “Malware Warning _____ istart123 Trojan Hijacker”

    1. Heck of a thot !!
      It’s well known that spyware companies have hired former spyware creators to combat this stuff.
      MS itself used to attacked and hacked relentlessly, but seems to have discovered some way to protect themselves.
      I’m not sure if this istart123 has been around for a while or is just coming out. I figure if it was old that Malwarbytes or Spybot would detect and stop it. But they don’t. That’s not good news.

    2. That was the theory for years, but not that MS offers free protection and Win8 doesn’t use virus software, it seems unlikely. It is probably exactly what it seems to be — some hackers’ idea of fun.

  1. Get someone to come in and clean your computer. They have special tools to deal with these trojans which are hard to detect because they piggyback on an email or a jpeg … and which none of the standard tools detect. We have a local guy we call. He comes. He fixes. We pay him $50. He goes home.

    I’ve had great success with MS Defender, by the way … but all of them let something through, no matter what you use. I’ve never gotten infested with defender to date, but maybe it’s more luck than anything. I had CA, AVG, and McCaffee and I got nailed with all of them. They can invent malicious software faster than we can build defenses against it.

    Some people seem to enjoy making other people’s lives miserable. Hackers are some of those people.

    Hey, my BANK CARD got hacked this week. What’d I do to deserve that?

    1. Oooooo Bank Card … bad deal. Glad I didn’t get that … yet.
      I’ve been thinking of putting my money (little as I have) in a sock under my bed. Cowboy style.
      That won’t fix my computer tho.
      Ya .. good advice about a Tech guy. I used to have a couple of Tech buddies that would fix up my system for free – or a cup coffee at least. Going to have to find somebody else now …

  2. Sorry for your troubles. I suppose it I told you it happens to all of us one time or another it would lessen the bile in the back of your throat? For all the bad folks out there, there a 100 others who are not. Think of that as you are paying someone to detox your computer. 😉

    1. I have bought and used some software in the past. Not really against doing that. Just haven’t had to until now. I was thinking about buying Malwarebytes. I like it. But right now it shows no indication that it will get rid of this thing …

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